The truth about CBD and HEMP

CBD Myths & Facts

BC Hemp Co – The Real Deal. From the lush green mountains of British Columbia, BC Hemp Company proudly brings you its 100% all natural hemp extract. Made from the most sought after Hemp strains in Canada and beyond, our hemp extracts are made with love and attention. Utilizing only OMRI certified hemp farms, our hemp plants are sourced locally, and fed mountain spring water throughout the course of the life cycle. Encompassing a bold,potent, medicinal taste, BC Hemp extracts are herbal wonders that help with a variety of daily and chronic ailments. We guarantee, our rich hemp tinctures and extracts, are always 99.9% sediment free, 4x filtered, utilizing only the best grain spirits available on todays medicinal market. The end results prove that with care and attention comes a superior quality product.

Product Features

  • Made from only the most sought after hemp strains
  • Superior quality 4x Filtered and 99.9% sediment free
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients
  • Bold, potent medicinal taste

March 24th, 2016

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