The truth about CBD and HEMP

Bean Products Hemp Shower Curtain is a natural alternative to vinyl shower curtains. Beautiful and Environmentally friendly, our hand-crafted Romanian hemp fabric shower curtain is made right here in Chicago, IL USA. The curtain will stop water from spraying outside your shower without a plastic liner. This keeps chemical plastics out of our home and our landfills. The shower curtain will get wet, but will not leak through and will rapidly air dry which helps prevent mold growth. Size: 72 x 74 inches Note: This curtain is NOT guaranteed against mildew, with heavy use the curtain can stay wet and mildew like any other surface, at the first sign of mildew the curtain should be washed and dried thoroughly.

Product Features

  • No Need for a Plastic Liner, Quickly Air Dries
  • Organic Hemp Fabric Resistent to Mildew and Bacteria
  • Grown Without Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers
  • Rustproof Nickel Grommets
  • Size: 72 x 74 inches

August 12th, 2016

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  • D. Cunningham says:

    Great Natural Shower Curtain This is the only shower curtain I’ve found that really works to keep the water in the shower and is completely natural and biodegradable. The only issue I’ve had is that it tends to get mildew. I recommend buying a natural mildew spray to spray on daily. Follow the instructions to wash the curtain weekly and use an oxygen cleaner and white vinegar every wash. If you do get mildew stains, try mixing equal parts oxygen cleaner and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and rubbing this in to the stain with…

  • Laurel Mauk says:

    Loved them at first… then the mold took over! I bought two of these hemp shower curtains because I loved the look of the fabric, that they were made organically and the idea of not having to use a plastic liner. After about three months I began to see mold growing along the lower sections of the curtains. I immediately treated them with vinegar, lemon juice, oxy-clean – every remedy I could find on the internet, and the mold dissipated, but then came back with a vengeance. I sprayed them after every shower with vinegar and water, I…

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