The truth about CBD and HEMP

The discovery of a previously unknown endocrine system in the 1990s was to change the face of human biology for ever. Science finally had answers as to why tumours grow, hormones attack the body and some people’s pain levels are off the scale. The ramifications of manipulating such a system were vast, illnesses like epilepsy, autism and cancer could become a thing of the past. Its revelation shocked physicians across the globe, as this medical marvel adapted and conformed under the direction of one of nature’s most ancient medicines. Named after the plant that mimics, locks to, and controls it, the endocannabinoid system heals at a ferocious speed under the influence of hemp. Man has used cannabis as a means of survival since prehistory. Cultivated for seed and textile, it formed the very origins of civilisation. Through time, evidence shows it playing a vital part of how our ancestors communed with their gods. Psychoactive properties of THC, now not only connect the smoker with universal consciousness but treat the effects of nausea and pain from chemotherapy too. In 2009, cannabis medicine underwent a radical change. Isolating the non-psychoactive component cannabidiol, breeders created a medicine, that in test tubes kills cancer cells, but doesn’t alter the perception of reality as medical marijuana would. Startlingly, for a plant with such an intimate associate with psychosis, it even prevents schizophrenic dissociation. It enables veterans of PTSD to forget, eradicates epileptic fits and draws people on the autistic spectrum out of their isolated worlds and into ours. Best-selling essential oil researcher Elizabeth Ashley has carefully untangled the threads of cannabis knowledge to find the truth about high CBD hemp oil, hemp essential oil and hemp seed oil. She • Grasses on people telling lies about its skills • Weeds outs medical truth from fiction • Shares a joint study of cannabis history through archaeological finds and the medicine of the future. • Bud-dy’s up to show you how to recreate the synthetic pharmaceuticals of tomorrow, using the plant medicine of today Her compassionate and engaging stories of cannabis healing are exquisitely interlaced with simple to follow, yet state of the art physiology of how CBD affects our bodies in the most spectacularly beneficial way. • Discover how to use CBD Oil for health • Eradicate anxiety and depression from your home • Unleash creativity • Improve memory • Enjoy better sex You too can become a 21st century shaman, using a professional aromatherapist’s recipes to treat over 50 different conditions with cannabis with aromatherapy and essential oils. Forget the other cannabis books and CBD books on the market, The Secret Healer teaches you to use cannabis medicines on a whole new level. Feel the magic crackle in your own hands as you learn to heal in ways you could never have dreamed were possible. Scroll up and buy.

September 24th, 2017

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  • chris says:

    Upon opening this book I was a little taken back – it was not written like the rest of her books and understandably so Cannabis Oh Cannabis!!Never in my wildest dreams would I be so excited about a book!!I have all of Elizabeth Ashley /The Secret Healer’s books that she has written on the subject of essential oil’s and to tell you the truth I would have bought this book just because I trust her writing, her knowledge and the history & research that goes into everything she writes or does. Upon opening this book I was a little taken back – it was not written like the rest of her books and…

  • Nancy Baker says:

    It is deep in history and science but reads like a conversation I received a copy of this book to review prior to release. I could read Liz’s work all day long. It is deep in history and science but reads like a conversation. As an aromatherapist, I recommend her intro books to those new to the world of essential oils as she weaves tale about aromatic plants and their oils while introducing the user to their uses, benefits, and safety issues.This book does not disappoint. It is laden with heavy science, from anatomy to chemistry to botany. Yet, it is…

  • Amber Duncan says:

    Another AMAZING Book by Elizabeth! I was lucky enough to receive this book early and wanted to share my thoughts.The way that Elizabeth writes not only educates the reader but draws them into the history and science behind the plant. Her extensive research, dedication, and passion facilitate a comprehensive review that will be sure to fortify the reader’s understanding and application of safe and responsible use. A gem to have for any individual interested in herbology, aromatherapy, or complimentary methods to…

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