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Hacky Sacks are made in Guatemala and used for games. Often called “foot bags” they are usually cotton (but this one is 100% hemp) with small plastic beads inside. They are firm when you buy them but quickly become soft and easy to work with. Hacky Sacks are about 3 inches wide.

Product Features

  • Made of crocheted hemp with plastic filler
  • Built to last
  • Same size as the other hacky sacks, 3 inches wide.
  • Colors will vary
  • Great Quality

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October 7th, 2017

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  • Eddie says:

    Hemply interesting… This is an interesting sack. I like the material, but I can tell it probably won’t last as long as my cotton sacks. When I get new hacky sacks, I empty out beeds by rolling them around under my shoe on concrete. Applying pressure and friction forces the beeds out. It also puts wear and tear on the sack, and also stretches the stiching sometimes. The beeds started pouring out through the top. The stiching expanded a lot and didn’t return to its original state which allows for beeds to…

  • NewMan says:

    Durable, well made

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