The truth about CBD and HEMP

Naturally grown hemp wick twisted in strong twines and coated in 100% naturally-occurring Eastern European beeswax. Our hemp is undyed and unbleached, so you won’t be inhaling anything you don’t want to. —- You deserve a true, raw burn without the sketchy chemicals inherent in matches and lighters – beewix contains no pesticides, chlorine, butane, propylene, butylene, or ethanethiol. And when we say all, natural, we really mean it – always non-GMO. Made to 200ft standard spool size (1mm). —- FULL TRANSPARENCY: Know your product – it comes down to the hemp and the wax. The hemp? It starts with the twines, hand-picked out of Eastern Europe – arguably the purest hemp wick origin in the world. The beeswax? It starts with the magics of Apis mellifera honey bees, yielding us the most natural, unprocessed beeswax possible. Finally, we package them up in Beijing and put the finishing touches at the Indigo All-American facility. When you light our beewix, know that it’s our pleasure to bring you a taste of the world. Sorry butane, the future is here. —– THE BEEWIX FLEXIBILITY: Tired of torching the bowl? What about canoeing? You don’t have to – let beewix guide a robust, precision light down to the millimeters of your choice. Whether you’re lighting a joint or making a candle, you need a consistent, drip-free burn. Simple to wrap, simple to light, simple to put the flame out. Every time. The ability to work well in any setting puts the user in control – so we’ll leave it to you to get creative. —– THE INDIGO GUARANTEE: Who are we? Indigo strives to create natural products and solutions to the growing alternative medicine community. The consumer experience is of utmost priority to us here at Indigo. Still not sure? Not a problem, each beewix is backed by the Indigo guarantee. If you don’t like it or don’t want it for any reason – don’t worry. We’ll be sad, but we’ll gladly refund your order, no questions asked.

Product Features

  • EACH PURCHASE HELPS- For each beewix purchased, we pledge to donate $1.00 to the Honeybee Conservancy Foundation; a non-profit dedicated to help revitalize the bee population
  • 100% ORGANIC HEMP WICK, coated in natural beeswax
  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO LIGHTERS giving a smooth burn experience full of flavor
  • SLOW BURN NO DRIP, Premium 200ft Standard Size (1mm) hemp spool. Lighter not included
  • UNBLEACHED Premium organic beeswax twine

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June 30th, 2017

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