The truth about CBD and HEMP

Essential oils are an excellent means of ingesting highly beneficial biochemicals from plants. However, these essential oils can be very potent to ingest at full strength and can lead to serious injuries and chemical burns. The Pot Lab has taken worry from potential essential oil users by creating properly diluted oral essential oil nutritional supplements in our special blend of MCT (refined coconut) and hemp seed oils.THis special spearmint and peppermint blend -Reduces Muscle Spasm/Spasticity -Relieves Digestive Issues -Treats Respiratory Issues – Calms Depression/Anxiety -Potent Antioxidant. Using VeganiCare Tinctures While you may purchase one tincture at a time, we highly recommend our full boxed set and some apothecary supplies for mixing your tinctures. As you can see, there are some over lapping indications, however these tinctures have shown additive effects, through their use of different physiological pathways.

Product Features

  • Perfectly diluted esssential oils for oral consumption and everyday use
  • Relieves Digestive Issues- Calms Depression/Anxiety -Potent Antioxidant
  • -Reduces Muscle Spasm/Spasticity -Treats Respiratory Issues –
  • Contains NO CBD or THC

May 14th, 2017

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