The truth about CBD and HEMP

Chamomile Root Tea is known to help as a sleep aid; reduces anxiety, depression and stress; and increases mental focus. Perfect to drink before going to bed, as it is very relaxing. Each tea bag contains 50 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp and Hemp Roots. There are 50 mg of Hemp Flower and Hemp Roots in each 10 tea bag pouch. Farm Direct and Artisan Crafted with Whole Plant with roots.

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February 11th, 2018

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See below for a quick summary of ingredients:

Antioxidant and free radical scavenger that supports the immune system and helps control the natural cycle of sleeping (including REM)

Herb used for centuries to promote restful sleep.

Herb traditionally used to calm anxiety and relax muscles.

An essential amino acid. After absorbing L-tryptophan,

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July 13th, 2017

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