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If you are a cloth diaper parent, you know the importance of a good, quality, absorbent cloth diaper insert, which is probably why you’re looking for hemp cloth diaper inserts/ doublers. You know, or you heard that Hemp is the workhorse of cloth diapering and you get more bang for your buck and more absorbency with Hemp, compared to any other cloth diaper insert.

So, when that little brown box for Amazon arrives – smile – your days of leaks or inferior inserts are over because these hemp inserts are great for any cloth diapering system you are already using, whether you’re using pocket diapers or cloth diaper covers.

They are easy to use too. Simply slide them into your cloth diaper cover or pocket diaper, and you’re done. Some parents find that one insert may be sufficient but if you think you need more than one insert – feel free to use it because these are trim enough to have extra layers or absorbency without making baby feel uncomfortable.

Our one-size system allows you to use these hemp inserts from birth to potty training and beyond.

Baby Tooshy’s Hemp Flats come with a 100%, Manufacturer’s Guarantee, so if you or baby are not completely happy, simply return it for a refund, no questions asked.

You and your baby deserve the best Flat Cloth Diapers. Take advantage of this offer by clicking the ADD TO CART button above. Also check the “Special Offers and Product Promotions” section above for coupon codes and deals.

Product Features

  • A THIRSTY CLOTH DIAPER INSERT: Baby Tooshy’s hemp inserts are 4 absorbent layers of thirsty hemp, offering your baby a trim fit and keeping baby/ toddler comfortable while they’re crawling/ walking. Our hemp is so absorbent, it can hold 2.5 times more liquid than microfiber.
  • IDEAL FOR NAPS AND OVERNIGHT DIAPERING: Hemp is a workhorse when it comes to cloth diapering, because it can absorb so much more than synthetic fibers. This makes it a cloth diaper inserts/ doubler of choice when it comes to overnight diapering. These are heavy wetter hemp inserts.
  • MADE FROM ORGANICALLY GROWN HEMP: Newborn baby’s skin is often more sensitive, which makes Baby Tooshy’s Hemp Inserts the perfect choice because it is organically grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and it is unbleached.
  • NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL & BREATHABLE: Because Hemp is a natural fiber, air will circulate through it, giving baby’s little bottom more air and thereby reducing diaper rashes.
  • DURABLE AND COST EFFECTIVE: Baby Tooshy’s Hemp Inserts are super durable and will last from one baby to the next, maintaining their absorbency and quality. Use with pocket diapers or with regular cloth diaper covers.

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June 14th, 2017

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