The truth about CBD and HEMP

Is what you know about hemp and CBD oil truth or hype? Now you can have the most current and accurate information about CBD oil, industrial hemp and clear up the confusion about why cultivating this miraculous plant has been outlawed for almost a century. The simple truth is that hemp is not pot. It is a miraculous plant with amazing life-giving health benefits that can also be used for over 25,000 clean, green industrial products. Now you can know the truth and have the Hemp Miracle in your life! Discover: How Hemp Became Confused with Marijuana How Hemp Can Heal Your Body How Hemp Can Heal the Planet

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June 27th, 2017

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  • Paula Vetter says:

    A wealth of information packed into one compact, easy to read volume! I have been in the wellness industry for about 20 years. My knowledge of Hemp, Hemp Oil or CBD Oil was about zero a few months ago.After reading Merlo’s, ‘The Hemp Miracle’, my eyes have been open to a new world of health, healing and wellness possibilities. I really appreciate the references and citations that backup her information.I found this book easy to read and it has quickly become my go to Hemp resource. I highly recommend this short but powerful resource to…

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