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Better Yoga with a firm yoga bolster. Choose either Rectangle or Round shape or breathing style Pranayama, then select the material. Other cheap soft pillow style bolsters offer very little support and can harm or hinder your practice, choose Extra Firm studio quality yoga bolsters only from Bean Products.

Our Rectangle yoga bolster has large flat surfaces for active and restorative poses and is lower in height (6″H x 24″L x 12″W) than the Cylindrical Round Yoga Bolster allowing a deeper forward supported bend and a gentler chest opening when under the back body. Our Rectangle bolster provides a moderate yet effective lift under your lower back and hips for Viparita Karani (vertical legs up the wall pose.)

Bean Products Round Cylindrical Yoga Bolster is a long 27″ x 9″ Dia. to offer a deeper supported chest opener or a gentler supported forward bend. Its shape fits perfectly under your knees for optimal support and release for your lower back and a supported savasana.

Pranayama is a breathing bolster 28 x 7 x 6 filled only with cotton which supports your back from tailbone to neck allowing expansion of your front body and lungs.

Both the Round and Rectangle bolsters can be used by massage therapists for bodywork.

Bean Products firm yoga bolsters are painstakingly handcrafted using 4 layers – Premium fabric cover protects the inner cotton muslin liner which holds natural cotton batting that tightly wraps around a special cut foam core to provide firm shape and long lasting structure, qualities rarely found in most imported bolsters.

If you select 100% ORGANIC the inner core is organic latex foam which is tightly wrapped with USA grown organic cotton batting. There are 3 options: sturdy cotton canvas, organic cotton canvas or commercial grade easy clean vinyl cleanable with spray or Jo-Sha yoga mat wipes for hygienic studio demands. 2 Year Warranty.

3 to 6 Lbs. Hand made in USA. Bean Products TM

Product Features

  • Premium Hemp, Cotton, Organic Cotton or Easy Care Vinyl Yoga Bolster in Rectangle or Round Cylinder or Pranayama Shapes
  • Best quality removable fabrics, durable foam core, tight cotton batting wrap, cotton muslin inner case
  • Extra Firm Professional level Yoga Bolsters, Hand Made in the USA by Bean Products, Inc, Commercial Grade with 1 Year Warranty
  • Rectangle shape 25″ Long x 6″ high x 12″ wide or 27″ x 9″ Diameter Round Cylinder shape or Pranayama (breathing bolster) 28 x 7 x 6 (Choose one style)
  • Designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions to safely deepen and enhance flexibility, alignment, stability and breath within your practice

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February 14th, 2018

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